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We’ve tailored our services to assist you in maintaining your focus on your promotional endeavors.

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Dealing Desk

You just started your business but don’t have a team to cover operational time. to provide clients with the best conditions.
We are ready to assist you with it and you will focus on MKT your activities

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Since all operations depend on the reliable and effective operation of the trading server, setting up the platform correctly is one of the most crucial projects for any brokerage. Having installed and configured the platform for clients for nearly ten years, we make sure their infrastructure is prepared for future business expansion. Among the services we provide are:

  • Full MetaTrader cluster setup, including live/demo environments;
  • Plugins setup, connection to Liquidity Providers
  • Initial configuration of groups and symbol settings;
  • Server security checks

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Risk management

We are ready to assist you with managing your risk: make clients profile, define execution and markup policies, negotiate with providers, calculate swaps and commissions, etc.

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Moving servers can easily become a daunting task, particularly if you’re switching from MetaTrader 4 to MetaTrader 5, which frequently calls for changing a dataset to work with the new trading platform. In order to assist in overcoming this obstacle, our experts make sure that the transfer goes smoothly by transferring all requested data to a new server and performing any necessary modifications, such as:

  • Full MetaTrader cluster setup, including live, demo, backup servers;
  • Initial configuration of groups and symbol settings;
  • Server security checks.

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Custom Development

Just tell us your needs and we will realize it in timely manner

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